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Our New Feature

Tanya and Brock from our e-session post a couple months ago are now on our feature page. They’re having a different theme to their wedding that is new and relevant to the times. Check it out – there is also a q&a that’s a nice read. =)


i love this picture.

*for all of our couples who have not yet booked their e-sessions (engagement shoots) please check our “rad times” tab for our schedule. We try to update it as much as we can but email us about dates and we’ll work something out.


We’re Back!

I’m totally and utterly smitten. I have the most amazing husband in the whole entire world. We had a fabulous time on our mini vacation and you’ll never guess where we went. This blog will serve as a little scrapbook of our 4 day honeymoon/birthday extravaganza! I was going to write about it all but I think photos will do the trick. Mind you, this was all a surprise and I had no idea where we were going at all.

We stayed at the Wall Centre for two nights. This view was almost exactly what our view was like on the night we stayed at the hotel after the reception. We were on the 21st floor for our wedding night and for our anniversary we were on the 16th floor. We watched beautiful sunsets during our stay. We took some shots but you just had to be there.


This was a portion of our view. We were on a corner so 2 of our walls were floor to ceiling windows.



The church on the right was our church and the church on the left was Ral’s parent’s church.



The Sheraton beds are amazing. I slept like a baby. What a relaxing time! It was just like the night of our wedding reception, but less awkward.

We spent two nights in this wonderful room. We hung out in Yaletown and did some scouting downtown for the weddings that are coming up this summer. We had some great food!!! Breakfast at Cafe One is awesome to the max!! For serious, they have the meanest eggs in the world – they are my favorite. And I thought the Macaroni Grill had the best cannelloni but after having the Wall’s version of it, I was sold. Ral also got a hair cut at Sabastian1 at the Wall Centre – I’m so over the poof-ball he used to have. I think it looks good short. I think a big highlight was when we stayed up on Monday night and went over to Megabite (a cute pizza place on Nelson) at 130am and ordered a pound of wings and an XL pizza… MMmmmm. It was almost surreal at some points. I was like ‘whoa, you’re a boy and we’re having a sleepover!’ Call me immature but whatevs, it was really fun and coming from a home with 5 girls to living with a boy is completely different – and yes, still fresh after a year!

So we check out and Ral tells me that we are upgrading to another room at the Wall Centre 3 hours later and so we packed our bags and drove over to Yaletown to hang out and check out some cool spots. I realized I needed to go to the washroom so Ral told me that the Opus was close and a good place to use the washroom and I was like ‘uh, ok’. I just really had to go. So, he parks in the valet area and we walk in and the valet asked us if we were checking in and Ral said we were and I was like ‘why are you lying?!’ I was a bit peeved because I was using their washroom and Ral just lied which would make things more complicated and so he walked over to the front desk and I was wondering if he was creating a diversion for me to go to the washroom or if he was going to lie again… “Hi there, I’m checking in, my name is Ral Nicanor” – Wha?! Doy, Ral is not a liar, he’s an angel – that’s what I thought all the sudden. He tricked me. Our “upgrade” at the Wall Centre was a gorgeous stay at the chic Opus Hotel. I couldn’t believe he pulled this on on me. Here are some shots of our quaint room. It was my kinda style!


Again, a very good bed. I was jazzed when I saw the red walls.



That cupboard had so many goodies, I opened it and I believe Ral was probably thinking “don’t even think about it”.


_-10.jpg _-11.jpg

The bathroom was uber chic. Why would a bathroom have a dimmer?… I couldn’t get over the bathroom. When Ral and I move, I know that I’ll be looking for a cool looking bathroom…


After I had a good look around our room, we did some shopping and then hung out on the sea wall to check out the lighting during sunset.



Oh, and Alexa this is for you:



Oh yeah, this was Tuesday (my birthday) hahaha, I thought I was done. How could I forget. I had a wonderfully savory dinner with Ral and a couple of our close friends, Andrew and Cher. We ate at Elixir which is the Opus’ restaurant. We ate in the velvet room and had the room all to ourselves. And after reading the menu and not being able to comprehend or pronounce some of the items, I settled with the venison loin and I was absolutely dazzled. Not only was it scrumtrilescent – it looked like sexy food because the velvet room had red velvet all over it and the lighting was dim. Genius! I would definitely go there again. Plus, we always have fun with these two. We can talk for hours and not notice the time go by. What a blessed time away.

Cher and I after dinner.


We all headed up to our room after dinner to hang out and chat. It was a very happy birthday for me. I enjoyed the food and the company was just as good. =) Before we checked out I told Ral I didn’t want to leave. It was comparable to a 4 year old telling their parents that they wanted to live with Pooh and the rest of the gang in Disneyland… Ral and I had a great time and after this, I’m sure you’ll be reading more… on the adventures of… hahaha, that’s what it feels like after writing this.

I can’t wait to see Ral. He gets home at 4. I’m sick so that’s another reason I’m excited to see him. He takes good care of me….




Happy One Year Anniversary!!

It has been a year since Ral and I decided to say ‘yes’ forever. I’m so excited for today because Ral is taking me away for a couple days and I have no idea where we’re going. But, knowing Ral it will be fun and relaxing. I just wanted to post and say a big thank you to some very special people who stood out in our day.

Our Family: Thank you so much for being so loving and giving. The wedding was a blast and I am thankful to our parents who shelled out some chunky dough to support our cause. We are committed to growing in our marriage relationship in a way that would be a blessing to others like we’ve seen you be. To my beautiful sisters who were also half of my BMs, I absolutely love you all. I can’t ask for better, you all are my best friends. Cat, even though you live in Honolulu, you make me feel like you’re right next door when you call. “When are you coming over?!” — “Hold On! I gotta wash my hair!” Michelle, New York is far away but I know and feel that you are close to me, I think about you often and I am always happy to see you when you come and visit us. Alexa, you are the mother of a rebellious preteen…j/k (for all yous that don’t know, it’s here cute dog that looks like a panda/cow). You and Rokko are great company. You always, always make me laugh and I wish I was at least half as witty as you. And Alyssa, just thinking about you makes me all teary. You are like my best friend. Oh my, (Ral is walking around looking for something and I have to hide my face ’cause I’m so teary). I love you, ummm…. enough said.

My 4 other BMs: Hannah, even though our relationship has evolved to not being able to see each other much, know that I’m still crazy about you and I will always be one of your hugest supporters. You are a blessing to me and I want to you know that. Vashti, you’re like Alexa but not bound by blood. You are seriously always there for ME (edited: I was typing this fast, I meant to say in one shabang that you’re always there fore me and I am here for you). Our phone conversations are always entertaining and you always know what to do or say to encourage me and make me laugh. Aileen, sweet and simple, you are a friend who keeps on giving without caring to get anything back. You’re the support that everyone needs and I am thankful for our long friendship. Theresa, being your cousin is a pleasure. =) I learned a lot about you and I love how you’re so fun and so helpful. I hope to see you more often.

Our Vendors: Michelle Binkley – Bloom Room: You are so hospitable and gifted. Our flowers were beautiful and your work exceeded my already high expectations. Mary – First Baptist Church: you were so helpful and kind to me. Thank you for looking out for my best interests. Letting us book with you was a great blessing to us. Digna David – Sheraton Wall Centre: I can’t say enough about how much you were like an older sister to me when I needed someone to talk to. The Wall Centre is world class because of people like you. We will see each other again, I think about you often. Jill – As You Wish: You’re so talented!! Really. My BMs loved you and I know you’ll continue to go far in your dress making. Duncan, the music was stellar. You’re a force to be reckoned with. Mrs. Louis and Cher, what an amazing job! Mrs. Louis the cake was fabulous and thank you for being so detailed and patient with me. The color was great and the cake is actually still in my parent’s big freezer. And… Stephen and Jen – Tying the Knot Photography: I can’t believe we can actually say that we had one of the 10 best wedding photographers on the planet. You were a blessing already as our wedding photographers but seeing you both as professionals and friends to us is so much more. Thank you for being so good to us we look forward to attending your seminars.

Our Supporters: Justin – everyone loved our MC work and you were great on our video. Yes, we do believe you should turn that into a living. Your character is a gift. When you use it, people listen. Tim, your AV work was awesome blossom. We love you very much. Keegan, Gio, Joel & Amy, Jackie & Joel, Andrew your ushering was perfect. Thank you for being such loving friends. Auntie Vicky, your favors were beautiful – white chocolate roses were a perfect choice. I remember you sitting on my mom’s bed looking at me in my wedding dress and you just looking at me in support and love made me feel like a kid again. Auntie Fe, Auntie Josie and crew, I am in awe of how much you continue to support Ral and I. No matter what, we’ve always received a ton of encouragement when we are in your very presence. And to our god parents, we know you think about us and care about our well being. Let us continue to grow closer together.

To all who weren’t mentioned, we love you but we got to go!

Although just a year has past, I have learned a whole lot. About myself, about Ral and about love. I learned today that being prosperous in life means different things to different people but for Ral and I to be prosperous is to be able to be committed to giving the overflow of our thankful hearts. Marriage is not being on lock down but being free to express who you are and safely grow with the person who is closest to you. I know I am very much loved by Ral. I am told that everyday. So with that, we gotta go. =) We’re coming back refreshed and excited to shoot some rad weddings!!!!!

xo | danelle


Taken by one of the top ten photographers on the planet.


Happy Anniversary ME & DANELLE!!

We can’t believe it, it’s almost been a year!! in approx. 10 mins, it will officially be 1 year! Man so much has happened in this one year. It has been a great adventure with the love of my life! A lot of ups, and even more ups! Downs? um.. hmm.. I can’t say that we’ve experienced it. Life is what you make it!

I’ve attributed it to the following pieces of advice before I got married:

Honorable mention: “When the Queen is happy, the land is happy”

3. “Choose, would you rather be right? Or would you rather be married?” – 7th heaven

2. “Happy wife, happy life” – Ray Torres

1. “When you fight, fight naked” – J.O. 😛 😛

I Love the advice! I Love this life! and most of all I love my beautiful wife! I am going to secretly whisk her away for the next couple days, so we won’t be answering our cell or emails until Wednesday. To all our clients we just want to let you know that you are super important to us, however our priorities are as follows: Faith, Family, Photography (in that order). Rest assured, we WILL be getting back to everyone by Wednesday night at the latest.

Wow. This time last year I was talking to my boys! My groomsmen who really pulled through for me in the times I needed help. At this very time last year, I need to really thank Jun for grounding me, Josh for the last second touch ups, and Jay Nicanor for staying up (I hope you sense the sarcasm), and most of all my brother for always having my back.

Luckiest man alive,



Chick Pea – Children’s Boutique

We had the blessed opportunity to asked to do store shots of an amazing Children’s Boutique in New Westminster. It was a gem of a store! I know for a fact that Danelle was getting some thoughts (please don’t encourage her… yet 😛 ).

The store had a modern feel to it. It had aged furniture, a beautiful brick wall, and stylish clothes for kids all around the store. Here are just a few shots from the day:














You should definitely go check them out! Chick Pea Children’s Boutique – They’re located at the corner of 6th and Front street – Right by the water!


Congratulations Hannah and Reggie

Our close friends, and the coolest couple around just got engaged! It’s about time!! We love these guys dearly and just wanted to let the world know that they are finally tying the knot.

After a long day, we called it quits close to midnight, but shortly after getting home, we received a phone call from Hannah! Needless to say, we met up tonight. We got home about 3am. I have no idea if that is including daylight savings or not.

As you can see I am still up from the initial excitement of hearing the announcement. I should go to bed soon. Pictures of the great couple to come!



Good Morning, World!!

Danelle here, waking up and blogging our mini celebration with two of Ral and my most favorite people. Hannah and Reggie are the type of people that you know you can pick up where you let off with and heavily enjoy your time. Seeing them this morning and celebrating with them made me realize just how much I miss spending time with them. Just listening to their engagement story was heart wrenching and I admit it, I absolutely cried when she called me and told me Reggie proposed. Yep, I was a cryin’! But, why not?! I mean, I am so proud to be friends of such unselfish and humble people. They love each other so much and I can’t wait to go on long trips with them and just do life. If you don’t know them, you’ve got to. They are very loving people and Ral and are blessed recipients of that. Here are some pictures of our time with them (what a gorgeous ring)!


we came and met them at a bubble tea place


img_9972.JPG 31-40.jpg 31-42.jpg





Fabulous Job Reg!!


We’re here for you two and will do whatever we can to show our support and love.


xo | danelle



An OFFICE shout out

Many of you may not know, by I am a middle school teacher by trade. Today is my first official day of spring break! What did I do? some of you may say nothing much, but I know a handful of you would say time well spent. I have been up for hours watching my favorite show on TV – the OFFICE. This show is nothing short of excellent.

Give me a holler if you ever want to catch up on the eps. We have seasons 1 & 2 on DVD. Season 3 is still rolling. I have a clip here (which was the season 3 promo) which captures my interest for the office.

Hope to you enjoyed that as much as I did. The love quadrangle of RAM and JAREN. But you office fanatics know as much as I do, the triangle has once again surfaced! Great TV!

Leave us a comment on the blog – who do you really want together?

Jim & Pam

Pam & Roy (excluding last weeks episode)

Jim & Karen

*if you haven’t watched the office, I suggest you give it a try.