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I knew they could do it! In case you weren’t around any technology last night – the Canucks squeeked out a win in overtime last night against the Ducks, to even up the series 1-1. All you bandwagoneers and well wishers – get off the fan base – THERE’S NO ROOM! 😛

Here were the two goals by the Canucks in the game:

Here is a rad goal by our Captain. Check out the back foot pass to himself.

This was the game winning goal in overtime. Man, Linden has been everywhere lately.

Go Canucks Go



Grandma and Grandpa’s Diamond Anniversary!

I couldn’t even imagine all the stories they could tell. Could you imagine that our Grandparents probably have seen this world change more in their lifetime than any other era! I love my grandparents to bits! My Grandparents celebrated their 60th Wedding anniversary and we wanted to show our appreciation by throwing a small shin dig. By the way – it was totally super secret. Here are some images from the night


My oldest (out of all 12) cousin(s) secretly flew here from Toronto with her mom. Here they are waiting for lola and gramps in the Kitchen. When the guests of honor arrived, Jaime serenaded them as part of the big surprise intro


Here is grandma seeing Jaime – thinking it was a dream.


What would a shin dig be without tinikling? It is a Filipino folk dance, loosely translated as “sticks of death, and if you screw up, your ankles are seeing a doctor”


My amazing grandparents


Here is my beautiful wife singing with my talented cousin towards the end of the night. They sang “Who am I?” by casting crowns while a slideshow of all the grandkids played in the background.


My mom is on the far left with all her sisters acting like… well actually… themselves. This is what Danelle married into =)


We love you Grandma and Grandpa. Thank you for the support, encouragement, and prayers. Without your influence on our lives, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Happy 60th Anniversary.




**PS – pictures are up on the site through rad clients – email us for the password


new number for rad studio

Hey all, sorry that we haven’t blog in a while, we’ve been slammed by life. Not to worry, pics to come!

Just wanted to let you all know that you can now reach rad studio at our new number – 778.883.1065 – If we aren’t available – leave a message on our voice mail.

I wish I could pod cast my voice mail bloopers. Have you ever bombed out on trying to record something with your voice!? Danelle and I were just howling about how I kept messing up the greeting. Took me 7 times ’till I got my sexy voice to settle down with what you hear now.


*hey all, its danelle. i’ll be the one at the end of that number so if you need immediate assistance or have any questions or concerns and would like to talk to me by phone, holler! and I think I should have done the message thing… but seriously, the laugh was well worth it… ‘no honey, i wasn’t laughing at you…’ (buuut, i totally was).

xo| danelle


The Office update

Yo, check it out tonight! here’s a recap in case you were dead or living under a rock for the past couple years 😛



Amazing Friday Service

Howdy all, Danelle and I wanted to extend an invitation for you to join us for a Good Friday service. We are excited to be attending this year, as it’s our first Good Friday service with the church that we attend now (Victory Christian Center). If you’ve never attended, then we have something in common as we haven’t attended this service before either! We would love to share that experience with you! The service will be held at Chandos Pattison Auditorium in Surrey this Friday afternoon. If you need a lift let us know in advance – we don’t mind picking you up!

If you can’t make it for that, we would love for you to join us this Sunday for the Easter service at our church.

Let us know if you can hang this weekend! email us at



Suzanne & Mike

Yesterday we headed out with Suzanne and Mike to shoot their e-session. I can’t say enough about how great these two were. Not only were they a smoking hot couple, they had smoking hot style. What made it even more fun was that they gave us all creative control. Danelle and I always get really excited when couples do this. Knowing that (future) brides and grooms are willing to step out of their comfort zone and trust our eye – it allows us to create some crazy delicious images. Here’s what we came up with =) :


















Thanks Suzanne and Mike we had such a great time with you two.



**Just to let you know, my butt got handed to me on this session. Danelle and I have a friendly competition when we shoot. I have been on a crazy long winning streak – but for this shoot, her images owned mine! I only have 2 of the 9 shown – can you figure who shot what?