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Hey all! Danelle and I are off to California until next week. We wont be able to answer calls or emails until we get back. Unfortunately we won’t be able to deliver images until then as well. Hope you all are well. We’re super excited to kick off the summer as well. We have some good news to come!! See you all soon




Joel, Amy and their on the way Baby…

We always have so much fun with these two, they have to be one of our most favorite couples. So, they gave us the honor of photographing Amy as she’s due any day now… exciting!! We headed over to William’s Park in Langley where we shot one of our very first shoots with them and they decided to go back. If you ever get the chance to visit that park, bring a picnic basket and a nice blanket to relax, it’s a gorgeous place to be. Here are some shots of the day:











Sherry & Doug

What a way to start off this season with such a rad couple! Sherry and Doug are two amazing people that everyone must simply meet! Doug is straight up outstanding and Sherry, well she’s like a firecracker that you can’t stop!! They were so fun to shoot and right from our first meeting with them we were excited to capture their love for each other. Check out these fun images that we got:

While getting ready, Danelle found some funky light to grab this rad shot:



Sherry constantly showed us cool stuff that she got from China and tried to play around with them while the beautiful bride was getting ready. It totally reminds me of Nacho Libre. “NACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”



I on the other hand tried to find some fun light to play with too.


We love this rad fairytale-esk shot:



Here are some of our favorite shots of the newlyweds:




Congratulations Sherry & Doug – we wish you all the best.



Cleo, Jordan & Gabriel E-Session/Family Shoot

We’ve wanted to blog this for a while but got so busy this week – good news to come! I cannot tell you all how much we have really enjoyed the company and emails of this couple. We try our best to keep the session light and fun, maybe make our couples laugh… make them smile – it seemed to be the other way around. Ral and I love their very rich sense of humor as well as thier fun-loving attitudes. Gabriel is the gorgeous little fella whom Cleo and Jordan are very proud parents of. Cleo is just a glowing mom and as you can see she’s absolutely beautiful. And you should have seen Jordan and Gabriel in the play time together. To see a new dad love his little son like that was very heart warming and made us think about how great it would be to have our own little ones. With that said, here we go (we couldn’t help but post more than usual):















Cleo’s Prince Charming…






Cleo, Jordan and Gabriel, we truly enjoyed spending time taking these shots of you. It was totally our honor and pleasure to take time with you and capture your love as a blooming family. Jordan, I couldn’t help but stop and look at you and Gabriel interact – I admire how much you so adore your son. Cleo, you are a beautiful wife and mother, you should be so proud of this family you are building with Jordan. We’re looking forward to seeing Gabriel go down the aisle to support mom and dad, that’s going to be a tear jerker.



xo| danelle


Kathy & Amin

We had the pleasure of shooting another gorgeous couple on Sunday afternoon in West Van. We headed over to Lighthouse Park as this was the place that Amin so sweetly proposed to Kathy. They both are just amazing. Kathy is absolutely beautiful and Amin is very charming and not to mention hilarious! Here is a tiny preview of our shots from that day:












Kathy & Amin, we are so happy for you two. We enjoyed our day with you both and are really looking forward to shooting your wedding and celebrating with you. The little hike was very well worth it – You two are so sweet together!

xo| danelle