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Alix & Doug – June 23, 2007

Last weekend, we had the huge honor and pleasure of going over to the Sunshine Coast to shoot Alix and Doug’s wedding day. And well… what to say, what to say… it was amazing!!! Ral and I had such a good time. It was a unique 50’s theme with so much color and it really reflected their fun-loving personalities. It was such an intimate event. Everyone (literally) had such a blast and I’m sure it’s going in the record books for the most unique and the most fun. Here are some shots of them throughout the day:



Alix had this beautiful and classic bubble dress by Vancouver’s own Manuel Mendoza. She looked absolutely stunning…



Ral saw this shot as Alix and Doug were walking to our next spot. He’s so artsy, I’m his biggest fan. =) Doug and Alix are naturals. Taking shots were easy, they seriously always looked good.














Our very best to you and the rest of your very warm family. We can’t wait to show you two how your guest very much enjoyed their day as they celebrated with you.




rad studio 1.1

Hey all, we are currently updating the studio. Lots of great changes and lots of great news to come. Unfortunately as we upgrade our tech stuff, we won’t be as available through e-mail. We will be checking it throughout the day with our powerbook, but with time constraints and deadlines your best bet to get a hold of us asap is to leave us a message through our business lline 778.883.1065.

Take care and to our future  brides and grooms – don’t stress out too much – and don’t forget date nights without wedding day talk!!!




Mr. Nicanor no more

Hey all, just got back from a whirlwind of a week! As many of you may know, I teach 6th grade with 28 of the greatest kids in the world. My last official teaching day was on Friday the 22nd. It was a phenomenal year that was capped off by me seeing how much my students have matured academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Because of difficult circumstances I have resigned from my teaching position. It was probably one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. My students will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers as they have inspired me to no end. I am sad to leave, but am more excited to see how they will change the world!

We just got back from sun shine coast refreshed and ready to let loose on the hot summer months!! More news from us to come – Keep on checkin the blog for great things! You are gonna be floored by the stuff that is going to come out!


ps. to the people who drove me out. I’m still here and I’m still smiling.


We’ll Be Back Shortly

Hey everyone,

Ral and I will be back on Sunday afternoon to answer any questions or calls. We’re off to shoot a wedding on the Sunshine Coast… hopefully there is sunshine! From what we remember there is little to no cell phone access so thanks for your patience. To Grace & Phil and Kathy & Amin: YOU’RE NEXT!!! Can’t wait!

We have a little surprise for you all coming very soon! Until then,


xo| danelle & </ral>


Christy & Erwin

Yesterday night we headed out to shoot Christy and Erwin’s e-session in White Rock. Ral and I were so excited to finally meet these two and enjoy the splendor of the setting sun as we began the shoot. The lighting was soft and sweet and it hit Christy and Erwin’s already gorgeous faces as the time went on. They were such a warm couple. Ral and I counted it an honor to meet them and spend time capturing what was unique to them. Here are a few images from our time with them:










Christy and Erwin, we enjoyed our time with you. If you need help with anything at all let us know. We’re here to help you remember to celebrate your relationship through our photography and undo any stress that may come as you plan for your big day. Can’t wait for the big day!!






California – Day 5 and 6 [downhill]

As we close out our trip, I’m going to spare you the horrible flight experience we had with Delta, but just touch up on some things we did before we got back to Surrey.

We stayed in the Hyatt in Hunington Beach. The next day we saw our cousins off. This image really captures the mood after the wedding.



We left later that day and got stuck in Utah. Here’s Danelle eating ‘dinner’ while we wait for the shuttle to pick us up to take us to the hotel. You don’t know it but I have a camera in one hand and a gross chimichanga in the other. We’re living large!



Here is a shot I snapped before we left the hotel. Captures our stay. Thanks again Delta.



Me at the airport bored and sick of the chimichanga I ate the night before.




Well, we finally made it back. What’s this? What’s on my car? It looks like a substance I haven’t seen in the last 5 days.



All kidding aside, it’s good to be back. To our clients. It’s good to be back. We’re ready to start our main season. We have just invested in some goodies that will give you premium quality for each of your weddings.

To our fam. We are very grateful for our family in California. They are not only fun and inspiring, but they all have a heart of gold. Thank you everyone for putting up with us. I’m sure we’ll see you soon. We love you guys. Keep in touch – but NOT on facebook!


California – Day 4 [finally after 14 years!]

Wedding day, it’s wedding day!! My cousin MJ is marrying a great guy (Mike) today!!! Okay just to let you know, I went as a guest and not a photographer. They hired an amazing photographer (a WPJA winner) Ben Chrisman – check out our inspiration link to see his work – also, check out his blog for the wedding pics. I didn’t want to tread on his territory, nor step on his toes. I made a conscious effort not to take any of his shots. My camera this day was devoted to capturing us, the Nicanors 🙂

A fun way to start off the day. Good ‘ol DS




Before the wedding, we drove over to Hunington Beach for the wedding. We stayed at the Hyatt. It was simply gorgeous!





We had a couple hours before the ceremony started, so we decided to grab some grub. Man Danelle has it good with her lens. It even got my flabby arms!





We then started getting ready and headed over to the beautiful wedding California style!! You have got to check out Ben’s blog to see how beautiful the ceremony (site) really was!!!!







Aren’t these the most pimpinest ushers you’ve ever seen?





Here are some images of Jon. Ya he’s hot, ripped like a wrestling shirt, and single. Ya, I know I’m trying to help him out. But this is better than looking him up on myspace 🙂






This is Jay and Nhu – My favorite image of them all trip.





Here’s a shot my brother snapped. One thing that sucks about being a photographer is that we never get into the pictures 😛 **IF YOU GUYS GOT ANY IMAGES OF ME AND MY HOT WIFE – DUDE!! STOP BEING SELFISH!!!





This is my cousin Beth – haven’t seen her in years. She’s a Jersey girl. One of my favorie shots of the day






My lovely Parents and my pimpin brother







These two are the father and mother of the bride





A ceremony shot from the back






I absolutely LOVE this shot. Makes me well up every time I see it.





Here is the fun couple at the reception




Congrats to you MJ and Mike. Danelle and I are here for you. We wish you all the best and want to thank you for letting us be a part of your very special day. You’re still a Nicanor by blood (no offence Mike) – but it’s Chow time now! Enjoy the ride you two!