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Stay Classy – Stay Tuned!

Hey dudes,

We’re giving birth to our new site in a few weeks! The rad studio you once knew has reached a fresh and new level. We’ll be coming out with some favorites both old and new. Ral and I have been discussing our direction and we realized that we work so hard at what we do because relationships mean heaps to us and doing this together is a total blessing. He’s my best friend. Kids, we’re really pushing ourselves to keep our work “rad” – art defined by (r)al (a)nd (d)anelle, and (as the online slang dictionary would put it) “rad – the highest form of awesome”.

Here’s a tiny glimpse of what’s in the making…


…straight up crazy delicious.



Cleo & Jordan – July 27th, 2007

Okay – first off, if you spend as little as 5 minutes with these two together and not bust a gut laughing, you seriously need to get your head checked out – or at least buy a sense of humor. Ever since meeting Cleo and Jordan through their client inquiry, emails back and forth, and their big day – Danelle and I couldn’t stop laughing when they made jokes. These two are an absolute hoot to be around. Needless to say, it was easy to capture them smiling and having intimate moments.








Here’s Gabriel looking as cute as always!!!










Another shot of the new bride and groom




Hey kids, thanks for a fantabulous time! We must see each other again, we had a blast!



Suzanne & Mike – July 13, 2007

Danelle and I were both blessed to have shot the wedding of Suzanne and Mike. This one was also special for myself because Mike is a really good friend of my brother – and so I have heard many great stories about them before meeting them.

The entire day was full of jokes and laughter. Their wedding party was a blast to be around. Also, with all the weddings we have shot in the blazing sun, there was no word more appropriate than ‘Swass’ (a word copyrighted by the bridal party). With the blazing sun and all, we were still able to grab some delicious images.

The two of them together gave me the warm fuzzies. Not only does their affection for each other come out in the images, but they were down for any composition our creativity wanted them to go. A lot of people comment on how great our work is, but honestly we have to say
that it is the couple that makes the images, not the photographer. Take a gander.





Don’t they look amazing?




Timing was impeccable for this shot







Suzanne and Mike are very blessed to have such amazing family and friends




We both we wish you two the very best. Our prayers are with you as you start your new life together.




itching for the surf

So sorry guys! Without the internet we haven’t been able to blog as much as we have wanted to! So every time we have access to the net we are going to lay it all on the line. So here we go –

If you don’t know by know Danelle and I have been championship surfers for as long as we can remember. I also am known for lying about my surfing abilities. What is a true to life fact is that I am deathly afraid of sharks. I am paralyzed by the thought of those monsters. That crippling fear didn’t help me last weekend when we did a surf trip down at La Push in Washington. We had an awesome time. Let me share with you some of the highlights.

We all packed into Gio’s G-ride (remember?) , and made our 12 hour trek to the Washington coast.




That’s right!! Rokko was with us! Here he is trying to sleep on my brother’s knee




Here was a rad eatery we found around midnight. Ya that’s me being stupid with my camcorder




When we got there, it was 3am. We didn’t bother busting out the tents, we all slept in the van and early in the morning we scoped out the campgrounds. After realizing that typhoon-esk weather was coming in, we opted to stay in cabins. Check out our digs






Here are some shots at the beach and the surf



img_7577.jpg (edit * our blog is being wack)




Another awesome aspect of the trip was that it ended off with fireworks right in front of our cabin! That’s Gio’s butt by the way, mine’s not that that fit 🙂









intertron down

SOOO sorry all. We still don’t have steady access to the internet. Once we do, we’ll blog like nobody’s business. We have occasional access but then again, we do have a lot of bad days. We usually respond to emails within 24 hours, but if we don’t, your best bet is to call us at 778.883.1065 .

I’ll be blogging more soon!




The Office in the office

A lot of people and businesses play soft music in the background while they work. If they have their own businesses, people may jazz it up and play upbeat music of their liking. Well not here at rad studio. In the background while we edit and process all our wedding and portrait photography, we have “The Office” playing in the background. If you don’t know what The Office is, it’s basically a mockumentary about a small paper company in the states.

Danelle and I basically go word for word in each episode, and kill ourselves laughing every time. In turn, we love editing when it’s uber fun in our office.I’m not sure if you can identify, but we find it awfully weird, that the more we watch certain episodes – the harder we laugh. Here’s a clip of Jim imitating Dwight. **sorry about the audio – if can find me an audio of just Jim as Dwight that works please send me the link! 🙂 Cheers



Grace & Phil – June 30, 2007

Wow, it was our pleasure and honor to shoot such a wonderful couple. It was extra special for me because I went through my Bachelor’s of Education degree with Grace at TWU. I heard nothing but good things about Phil back then, and getting to know him now I totally agree. Phil and Grace were two firecrackers in love. They were so full of energy and were an absolute hoot to be around. One thing that just exudes from them, is their love for each other. Danelle and I couldn’t stop ooohing and awwwing because of how much they care for each other.

Another rad thing about them was that they trusted our eye and skills. They pretty much let us do whatever we wanted. We were able to capture a lot of killer images because they totally let us risk. Danelle and I have so much fun when we’re allowed to have that much free reign. 🙂 Check out these crazy delicious images:

The ring shots are kiiller!!


These images before the ceremony were inspired by the amazing Boutwell totally rad actions







Check out my wife’s creative eye. She shot this image from about 50 feet above the couple through a glass design.


We just had to include the bridal party in these shots. They kept us entertained all day







Grace and Phil, it was such a blessing to see you two in love and to be able to have the opportunity to be asked to capture it was an honor. We pray that you will continue to be astonished by each other on a daily basis. God bless.