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hey all,

just so you know, our site’s email is being a nerd so please email us directly at until further notice. sorry, sorry, splorry for the inconvenience. we really, really, really are sorry about the wait. and to those who have emailed us through the site with no success of hearing back from us. cheer up! we’ll make up for it with some goodies and a jolly good time. (now i’m a nerd)


ral (but really danelle because ral caught me putting ‘from ral’)


We’ve Been Tagged!

Our lovely wedding photographer/good friend Jen Bebb tagged us! Check out their blog – they’re one of THE best out there people! So because we’ve been tagged, we’ve got to dish out 8 things about ourselves and then pass it on to another 8 people. We’ll keep you updated on who we choose, we just wanted to share some stuff ’cause we’re on a much needed lunch break! Me likie de lunchie. =)

I guess we’ll alternate… okay!

(ral said ‘no, you go first’)

1. d: i hated anything that had to do with using a camera or being in front of one until our e-session with Steve Bebb – because of that… i am now a huge closet fan.

r: everyone thinks I’m a genius because I went to a Montessori school from pre-k to 10th grade. reality is, I have no idea how I passed. they never had a grade system, but in elementary school I vividly recall many sad faces on the progress report.

2. d: oh elementary school… in grade 2, i remember witnessing 6 of my fellow students asking for permission to use the washroom during our read aloud session… my teacher started yelling at all of us, telling us no one was allowed to go to the washroom anymore. Needless to say, the book “Charlotte’s Web” will always remind me of how I peed in my pants.

r: Growing up, I watched the movie Bloodsport so much the ribbon to play in the VHS ripped – no joke

3. d: i once dated cory hart, brian littrell and freddie prinze jr. for the longest time… i learned a lot and the break-ups were tough but i guess it helps that the relationships were not consensual.

r: I have never broken a bone in my life. Once you hear a grown man screaming like a little school girl, it most likely will be me breaking a bone for the first time

4. d: i love people but i don’t like going to big parties.

r: i love going to parties, but i don’t like people ;P

5. d: hahaha, even though i know i tell people that ’emo’ is kinda silly – emo kids are the cutest. “cheer up emo kid”

r: I was… I mean I am the hugest nerd. For example – I collected comics as a kid, and I have the very first X-MEN comic. Ya, the original X-MEN.

6. d: my sisters (i have 4 hot sistas, no joke they’re beautiful) and i have our very own language. while we’re taking breaks from speaking speed pig latin, we make up words or mess them up. example: ‘appreciate it’ has become ‘presheateit’, ‘he is jolly’ has become ‘what a cute fatso’, and the most popular one used is often ‘dirty kid’ which embodies a person who is all over the place. ‘jiblets’ is my new word for toilet remnants.

r: I changed my major in University 5 times and still graduated in 4 years

7. d: i’m currently BFFing with Pablo from ‘The Backyardigans‘. “your backyard friends. the backyardigans…” – is what they sing in their intro… and yes… they truly are. oh! and speaking of backyards, i will blog my daily 3-4 o’clock appointment (unclear but you’ll see).

r: I want to take up surfing and drop a ridiculous amount of money to travel for it and for gear – but I have a crippling fear of sharks

8. d: i’ve been singing for over 6 years now, even done a year of some crazy awesome speech-level singing on top of my other vocal training and i still get borderline uncontrollable stage fright.

r: I have a huge fear of speaking to people in general. I wan’t able to speak fluently until i was in first grade

so that’s about it! we still have to choose who to tag, i think we’ll sit on that while we get some work done. =D

xo|danelle & ral


Tanya & Brock – August 18, 2007

It was our honor and pleasure to spend some time shooting Tanya and Brock’s wedding. It was a beautiful day as the clouds broke and gave us some gorgeous sun. As some of you may remember, our old site featured the gorgeous couple as they were interviewed about each other and their unique wedding. For all yous that don’t know, they had an eco-friendly wedding and it went off very well. Tanya put a lot of effort and thought into her planning from the energy-saving bulbs to the organic dinner. They are both really special people. Everyone could see that they didn’t just want to celebrate being married, but honor good stewardship in how they are earth conscious – they’re the couple that desires to make and difference and see it thought. They really are a sweet couple. So my friends, here’s a preview:


Here is the beautiful bride preparing to leave for the ceremony


Some details


The gents’ at Dragonfly gardens


The gorgeous couple








At the reception


Isn’t this an amazing shot? Ral is the best


You two are not only your family member’s hero but one of ours too. Good job! You’re both so humble and so selfless. Awesome couple, we wish you the best. =)




Where do I even begin!?!? Man there is so much to talk about. I strongly feel that before I fall into the verbal diarrhea syndrome I’m going to just keep it simple.

Friday night Danelle and I went to go see one of her favorite singers – Josh Groban. Dude, have you ever heard him? I admit I am so not into his music but after seeing him it was crazy. Have you ever seen him? He’s a pinner that has a deeper voice than a subwoofer. He was also an entertainer. Danelle is going to post some images of her experience there. We had to pack it in early that night as we had a wedding to shoot the next day.

Sunday – oh Sunday. My knees are weak as I write this. Here comes my verbal diarrhea. Danelle and I were invited to go to the grand opening of the new studio of Stephen and Jennifer Bebb. In our eyes, they are already larger than life, but to cap it off, others that were invited were as off the charts as the Bebbs. If you have been watching this blog since it started, literally all but two of our inspirational photographers were there! Ya that’s right!!!

On the drive over to the studio my nerves were getting the best of me. We were about to hang out with the world’s greatest. I was literally going to throw up. It felt like I was in 10th grade basketball again during crunch time. Long story short – I didn’t throw up (thank goodness), and we got to meet not only the world’s finest, but also the the world’s nicest most humble people. Everyone there was out of this world!!! Let me tell you some of the people that were there

Other than Jen and Steve

Dave and Quin of DQ studios

Jesh De Rox

Jerry Ghionis

Bambi Cantrell

Camille and Chadwick of Jonestu

Leanne Pedersen

Angela Desveaux and Bruce Patterson of Wedluxe/Cloud Nine Creative

MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you know anyone, ANYONE, getting married you HAVE to tell them to book anyone of these people. Go NOW! tell them. (DISCLAIMER: if you hire anyone of these people, your wedding will be the greatest day of your life and not the day you got your first nintendo). If you’re a local you must must must check out Jen and Steve and the last three names on there. They are just smokin hot!!!!

Now Danelle and I just have to meet (or be star struck more like it) by Doug and Chenin Boutwell and we can die happy 🙂

**I think the most intimidating moment of the night was when Steve asked me for a favor. He handed me his camera (with my dream lens on it) and asked me to take shots of the guests. Okay – how intimidating is that!? Me taking shots of the best photographers in the world!! My hands were literally shaking and I was checking my settings after every shot like a monkey. Geez. Don’t get me wrong – we had a fabulous time, it’s just that seeing the talent and experience there made me go batty.

Monday – we can deem this day as ‘the day our heads exploded in a pretty way’. We went to an all day seminar hosted by Bambi Cantrell and Jerry Ghionis – two of the world’s leading photographers as well as the two who have paved the way to what it is today. No joke, these two were the pioneers (with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 other people) to the beauty of ‘non-traditional’ wedding photography. So literally we were listening and learning to the world’s finest. I could go on and on and on. But I’ll just end with these last couple of sentences. These photographers were absolute stars that wanted others to be just like them and succeed. I cannot tell you enough of how humble these folks were. Lastly, watch out world rad studio is gonna come out stronger than ever!


p.s. Sorry for the lack of images – again, nerves got the best of me

p.p.s. Jen and Steve ROCK!

p.p.p.s I just wanted to write p.p.p.s.

p.p.p.p.s. you smell


Superstar Weekend!!!!!

Just to let everyone know, Danelle and I will be checking into cloud 9 for this weekend. We are going to see, meet, and greet people who are larger than life!!!! I’ll let you know by Tuesday because everyday this weekend we’re packed solid. We are SOOOOO excited. Okay okay, I’ll give you a hint – 4 words – best… on… the… planet. No joke. Check back in on Tuesday



the all new rad studio – crazy delicious photography

It’s here, it’s up, and I would like to officially introduce you to the all new, re-branded, newly showered, rad studio. We want to personally thank all of our 2007 brides and grooms for trusting in our talents to capture your most important day. We wouldn’t be here without you guys.




7:30 PST Be there or be square

Sorry for the delay, we were working out some bugs. 7:30 pm – Our new site will launch!!!