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Sandy & Kelly – September 22, 2007

Since these two are such a fun and sweet couple, we knew the day would reflect that! We had a great time with them and their wedding party (who we have to say were a blast to be around and so warm at the same time). Sandy & Kelly were so down for letting us try some different things and we ate it up, and they did too. =) Kelly loves Sandy and Sandy loves Kelly – it’s soooo obvious. Just in the way Kelly would smile as he’d hug Sandy or how we saw that Sandy looked protected and safe as she’d look up at Kelly… yeah people, we gotta remember these times to keep our marriages rich. These two have an amazing start.

Some shots of their day:







Married life looks exciting because of couples like you. Enjoy each other everyday and Kelly, don’t forget to date Sandy at least once every week and a half. It’ll help keep that sizzle that you can’t get anywhere else. Cheers to you both!



Hannah & Reggie Paraiso – September 15, 2007

What a day! To witness two of our bestest friends getting married was quite emotional for us both. We were actually one of the first ones that were supposed to be on the wedding party but then asked us to be their photographers. It was tough for them, but we love them and know them inside and out. So after much thought, they traveled all the way over to our place in Vancouver from Surrey (at around midnight) and asked us to be the photographers for their wedding day. It was very emotional. They struggled because they wanted us to be in the images with them, celebrating with everyone else but we reassured them that we’d be with them all day and that if we’re not in the images, at least we were the ones who shot them. It was a struggle for us too but we’d do absolutely anything for these two.

Here are some shots of their day:

Some of the details:







One of our favorite things about wedding days are when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony. Mainly because, 1. it breaks ‘tradition’, b. it screws over any logic of ‘bad luck’. and lastly it allows the couple to enjoy the actual moment of seeing each other for the first time instead waiting to talk about it until after the ceremony. Don’t get me wrong, seeing your bride walk down the aisle is also breath-taking – but why not have both those emotions in the same day? get it? So here is a shot of Hannah creeping up on Reggie for the big reveal. We’re going to hold on to the images when they actually see each other, but we can show you the hug. We’re still wiping off our lenses from all the tears that came from that moment.








Now here’s a picture of the wedding party sans ral and danelle.







The ever so lovely and dashing Hannah and Reggie (not necessarily in that order)








For this shot, we got them to think about hugging in different settings… I believe I (danelle) said bedroom and well… this is what they came up with…it evolved a bit after this. *)






How cute are they… they’re so much fun!!




We’ll leave you with this is a picture, which we have truly fallen in love with. Right after the recessional Hannah and Reggie headed towards the foyer of the church. Before greeting anyone, they held each other as if the world was going to end. If no one shed a tear, then you sir are a cold blooded tyrant. To me (ral) it really epitomizes what marriage really is. The affection and desperation that the husband and wife need to express to one another. I couldn’t help but shed a tear seeing them hold each other so tightly right after the wedding and it was the first action that sets the tone for their life long relationship together.




Hanny & Reg, you both know how much we love you two and we’d do anything for you. Your wedding day was crazy awesome. We can say a lot but our lasting friendship should make our ‘welcome to married life’ sweet and rich. Our support and love will stay put – road trips, late nights and new adventures here we come. Hanny, you live with a boy. YAY!

xo|danelle & </ral>


Hannah & Reggie

Hannah and Reggie are two of our closest friends and we’ve been waiting for them to tie the knot for quite some time now 🙂 – I want to keep this blog post short because their wedding is coming up really soon and we’ll gush all of our emotions in that one. Through a series of unfortunate events, we were asked to shoot their wedding – which we accepted with mixed emotions (we’ll explain in a couple days). We wanted to knock this engagement shoot out of the park – we love them to death – and again, they trusted in our art and we seriously got a lot of crazy delicious images. I’ll let them speak for themselves.















we love you guys l<————————–this——————————->l much

you guys are HOT. 3 more sleeps.


</ral> & xo| danelle


Sandy & Kelly

It’s not very hard to instantly feel at home with Sandy and Kelly. When we met them, they were so for letting Ral and I be creative and try new things. And for us, we find it really freeing that since this is such a collaborative effort, there is so much trust involved – they respect our creative process and we respect their uniqueness. It really was rewarding having them know that our session was like therapy for them (they are very much in love but as we all know, weddings can be a crazy event to plan). But during our session we made sure they enjoyed each other and they really did. =)






I love this shot of their sun-kissed faces






Sandy & Kelly, just about another week!! Shooting your e-session was so much fun for us and getting to know you both better was awesome. Thank you for trusting us with your shoot. Your wedding day will be even grander and we’ll get the pleasure of capturing it all… oh, goodness – it’s couples like you guys that make us love what we do.



Kathy & Mick – September 1, 2007

It is always an awesome opportunity to spend time with and shoot two people who are so in love with life, and more in love with each other. In our first meeting, they were just gushing over each other and on the wedding day – well, it wasn’t any different.

We had a fantabulous time shooting their wedding. It is always the best thing in the world when the bride and groom trust us completely on their day. With the freedom to experiment and create, we came up with kickin images. Take a gander:

Love the kicks!



Here’s the bride and groom



Yawp, that’s a cop car



Here’s the party posse





Check out how hot Kathy is. Our faves of the day





Mick and Kathy, the time we spent with you totally rocked! thanks for letting us create magic with you two. Enjoy the honeymoon =P