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Britney Photography hits Vancouver

A day after the Bebbinar, Danelle and I had the honor to give Britney of Britney Photography a quick tour around Vancouver before going back to SoCal in the afternoon. As a born and raised Vancouverite, I never really appreciate the city until a visitor comes along and lets us know how beautiful Vancouver really is. So in that sense we wanted to thank Britney for really showing us, again, how blessed we really are. An added bonus was that the sun was beaming on all the colored leaves – what an October!


Here are the ladies plotting out the day (or at least look like they are)




A lot of this happens when photographers go out 🙂




Check out those colors





Britney claims that in California bikes come with two wheels. psh, Americans





I didn’t want to tell her but, there was a mini-van inching behind her. Don’t worry, we’re still alive to talk about it.




We decided to take Britney to some world famous locations, made possible by the dynamic duo we all at the Bebbinar have fallen in love with! You know who I’m talking about?




To all the biting artists out there. Here’s a tip – don’t think about it. Move on and find your own path. These places have been peed on and marked. No room at the inn here folks.




What kind of trip would it be if we didn’t hit up Robson!?







On the way back we stopped by the library. The striking union workers were harmless. It was also pretty clean in there – what’s everyone arguing about? =P







Before we went to the airport, we made a quick detour into our neighborhood to snap a couple of these.





You can view Britney’s interpretation of the day HERE.

Britney we can’t wait to see you again. We hope the move went well. We had so much fun with you!! Keep in touch


</ral> (& xo|danelle)



Behind the Music: Bebbinar | Vancouver

In all seriousness, seminars and conferences tend to be information overload or just plain dry. With the dynamic duo of Steve and Jen Bebb, nothing is boring. So aside from all the things we learned about art, business, and photography, we still had a darn good time.


I couldn’t resist!




The Bebbinar from my seat




Here is Steve and Mark from LaCour throwing down some serious fisty cuffs







Here are Chad and Erin Fuller. I have other compromising pictures – but we won’t venture down that high school musical route j/k = P




Mankind at its finest




And the ladies reaction to it





Us and Mark – what a guy!




Never a dull moment with Steve. I think I’m getting mixed signals




As the party dies down, every starts to say their goodbyes. Thats Britney, Laura Novak, and the Grand Prize Winner Rich on the Right




Here are Trish and Matt of F8 Photography with Jen and Steve




A shot of Britney, Laura, and My Lady and a lurker behind them




We already miss everyone from the Bebbinar, and we hope and pray that all participants continue to take steps to implement their dreams. Danelle and I are both excited to see where the next few years are going to take us.


I’m going to leave you with an image that Mark and Laura helped me get. It’s of Jen and Steve and epitomizes what the Bebbinar was – Sizzling Hot! **are those our photographers? or hired models?






What to say, what to say… it was more than we’d ever expect it to be (we knew it was going to be spectacular) – it exceeded every drop of blissful expectation. We learned so much from the Bebbs. We were also given the privilege to hear from Laura Novak and Mark Adams from La Cour and WOW did they do an amazing job! We know a lot of time and thought were put into the seminar and everyday felt like a new adventure for us.

We started off with cocktails and appies on Monday night. Everyone we met and got to know was so warm and fired up about the Bebbinar. I think we all knew it was going to be a hit. Jen and Steve stayed with us through the night, sharing about their experiences and really getting to know each one they spoke with. It was obvious that they were really driven to inspire us on a personal level by how they were so transparent and honest with us.

The next days to come held so many opportunities to step out and identify who we were in our art. We got to really know our personal preferences as far as style and brand and it was truly eye opening. It became more and more apparent that Ral and I are different. We create differently. Our shooting styles are different… but thinking about it amazed me that our albums are seamless. Very cool!

A personal highlight for me was doing a somewhat intimidating model shoot. We were just told to bring our cameras, we didn’t know what we were going to do with them. So, I remember going to the bathroom during our break and realizing that there were people in the viewing room that didn’t look familiar to me. I think I assumed that they were clients or friends just visiting and checking out what was going on. But when we commenced after our break Jen told us that we had to break up into groups of 4 or 5 and shoot with people we didn’t know. So as you can guess, all of the husband and wife teams like Ral and I had to break up and we were left to ourselves to create. While she was informing us of all of this, I noticed there was something about Jen’s smile that gave me so much assurance. They never made us feel like we couldn’t. So off we went. I was in a group with some lovely gals whom I now adore. Lulu, Britney, Dalisa, Robyn – you’re all fabulous women. =) We had to submit 4 images to the Bebbs that covered 2 different techniques in photography and 2 describing words. One of the words sprouted during session where everyone submitted work from weddings they had done and we said words that described the images. Someone actually said the word “rad” for one of my images so I decided to use “rad” to describe an image I would take during the model shoot. So, here are the images I submitted:








If you want to look at other images from the shoot I played around with, click HERE.

The shoot was fun! It was different not shooting with Ral but I know it was a good exercise for him and I. Here are Ral’s images (I forgot which ones he submitted – but all very good!):
















Everyone submitted their images for Thursday’s reveal and WOW did everyone do well! Out of roughly 80 images submitted, Ral and I had our images placed in the top 10. And after a vote, my image with the umbrella and cigarette got second (at first I was tied with a brilliant…. just brilliant photographer and now friend Chad Fuller from Fuller Edge, I actually voted for his image)! And speaking of the Fullers, Ral is now a great admirer of Chad – he epitomizes the word ‘fun’! He and His wife Erin are extremely talented and have a way about them that just makes you smile. =)

Here they are:



Because I got second, I won a Shootsac! I was elated! I wanted to get it for the loooooongest time but it was never the right time and receiving it because of something I had done really encouraged me and it was completely humbling at the same time.

This is my small story out of many at the Bebbinar. We all left empowered not only on a professional level but personally, too. We made so many friends and Ral and I are so grateful for the opportunity to have gone and we grew a lot in those few days. What a success!! But it was no surprise everyone would leave with abundantly more than they would’ve ever thought. Man, we love the Bebbs. Check out the Bebbinar website – if you’re a photographer and you don’t go… well, you’re lame. Sign up people!


(the Bebbs, me and my new Shootsac)


So how could this A-listed, international top-ten studio thrive? Well, through some thoughtful observation we’ve found that the Bebbs are real people and treat their craft as a gift. They make it clear that it wasn’t a cakewalk but are so willing to share their experiences and insights to liven our personal and professional aspirations. Their inspiration really seems to come from what we as professionals don’t often see – their fascination and deep love for their children.

The biggest admiration and thanks to you both, Bebbs!


ps. to our new friends: keep in touch! And to the gals I talked to extra much, I miss you! Oh, check out our friend Lisa’s site HERE. She’s a Seattle photographer whose studio is now called Bella Rock.


Blog Thirsty

Hey guys!! Ya, we know we haven’t blogged much after the Bebbinar but we will. We’re just working on some top secret stuff for the new year… mmmmm good stuff. We’ll blog more very soon, our latest updates, random things I didn’t have time to blog about, and newest… actually just wait and see – it’ll be well worth it.



Alright everyone! We’re doing some crazy blogging for you all to enjoy tomorrow! Check us out 4pm, Saturday which is the 27th.


Bebbinar attendees

To all the photographers that were at the Bebbinar – if you are anything like Danelle and I, rest and an ice pack for your brain was an immediate priority. We were totally blessed to have met all of you and truly humbled by ALL of your work. It is so inspiring to see all the potential from photographers who just want everyone to succeed. Thank you for all of your support.

Remember when Laura stopped her presentation and said, “give me some  feedback, all I see is smoke.” What I was going to say was, “sorry, that was me typing fast.”  I have already had a couple of requests for some of the seminar notes. If you would like me to forward you a set – drop us a line. DISCLAIMER: my MS word was going wonky on me, so it wasn’t formatted properly and I haven’t had time to fix it – BUT it has everything that was on the screens.
Start rockin the world with your art everyone!!!


*Images coming soon


Bebbinar | Vancouver 2007

Danelle and I have been waiting for this event all year!!! Looking back and observing how successful our first year has been, we are very excited because the Bebbinar is really going to kick our style to another level. It is such an honor to sit/learn/absorb from not only two of the industries best – but in our eyes – THE best photographers around.

As a result we will be incommunicado by phone the week of October 8-11. We will attempt to answer as many emails as we can during that time. We apologize in advance for the delay but keep in mind that the things we learn this week, are things that we’re incorporating in our awesome weddings next year! So, this is the hub bub: Bebbinar




April & Jamie – September 29th, 2007

Although it was raining, it was definitely a good day. Some very funny things happened for April and Jaime to tell their children but honestly, everyone has their wedding stories and weddings are not the same without them. They put their chin up and really enjoyed the day for what it was meant to be. They love each other very much and you could just see that so obviously with their smiles and kisses. The rain didn’t deter us from being as creative as we are so we went ahead and let the rain do it’s thing as we caught April and Jaime’s connection – it’s easy to photograph couples with a very strong connection and – they had just that!

Welps, here are some shots from their day.





















April and Jaime, we really enjoyed our day with you both. Being in your company is always a pleasure for us. Welcome to married life!! You both have such a great running start!