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Jasalyn & Jason Thorne – Jasalyn Thorne Photography

Last Monday we had the incredible pleasure of shooting a session with the awesome ‘Jas and J’ of Jasalyn Thorne Photography <– check them out! They’ve become such good friends and we just love ’em! These two are really great people and are so talented as well. These are some of our favorite shots from their session with us (let’s start off with our gorgeous Jas):

















Jas and J, we love you guys and always enjoy the time we get to spend with you. We’re blessed to have friends like you and can’t wait to see the future unfold for the both of you. Thank you for everything you’ve done to help us as we learn and grow.

xo|danelle & </ral>


1/2 of f8 photography hits Vancouver (again)

We had the pleasure of meeting Trish and Matt during the Bebbinar and got to hang out with Trish again when she came back to Vancouver for another seminar. We picked her up from the airport and were able to kick it before all her activities started. We had so much fun the whole time she was here.







That week went by sooo fast! If ever you guys are in town, you know who to call!


</ral> ( & xo|danelle)


The Office: Season 4 Episode 8

… so good. i can’t believe how much i laughed and hid my face in awkward anticipation of Michael’s next move… sooo good. i’m gonna watch it again.

i love the post-it sketch, it’s brilliant…





I don’t mean to get on a soap box or preach your ears off, but having said that you must already know that we speak our minds on our blog and we hold nothing back. I just wanted to let some things off my chest, but at the same time, hopefully inspire, or at least give you something to chew on.

This past week, my family has gone through some difficult times. Without going through all the details, my grandmother passed away. I needed to step back and reflect on my purpose and direction in life. I find it a privilege, honor, and blessing to be capturing the most important moments in a couple’s life as a wedding photographer. But, as many of you know Danelle and I are work horses and give nothing less than excellence. This is a good and bad thing. The good speaks for itself, the bad part is it makes our lives as husband and wife un-balanced. I never realized this until death was on everyone’s mind.

Upon reflecting, I found this situation in life extremely intriguing. Photographing weddings, I am able to catch the moments of connection, when a bride looks into the eyes of her new husband, when an older brother tears up to see his little sister starting her new family, or when a father embraces his daughter for the last time as a single woman. All these forms of connection have so much power and have such a huge influence in our lives. On the other side, death has a similar form of connection if not more powerful. I witnessed many if not all my family members weep my grandmothers passing. It is also interesting to note that I saw guests that didn’t even know the family well up. Something very similar to acquaintances at a wedding tearing during the ceremony. There is this supernatural connection we build among others. It causes us to be linked. It moves us in ways I can’t describe in words and compels us to become more than we are.

What is my point??? Through my ramblings and reflections, I had to sort out my emotions and thoughts. My late grandmother and I are believers, so there is no worry there. But the gaping hole of influence, humor, and inspiration cannot be replaced. As I sat in the pews, I saw many people I have not seen in the longest time. And that is when I realized that death should not be the reason we gather, conversely, life should be the excuse for us to commune.

This is my plea to you. Don’t wait for death or a tragedy to eulogize a loved one, family, co-workers, or friends. Life is way too short. Why do we usually wait until the person can’t hear us, for us to affirm them? Why do we wait for death to recognize one’s life achievement? Why do we bend over backwards when we know that someone won’t be coming back?

*** If you didn’t read anything in the previous paragraphs, please just read this: Take this week to eulogize one person. If it’s your husband, your children, your parents or your siblings – please do that. Please, Please, Please. The connection we have with each other shouldn’t be noticed when it’s severed. Please make life a priority above all else. Business and work can be made up with time – but life is something you only get one crack at.

I want to leave you with a quote from Mike Mason the author of “the Mystery of Marriage”

“… how many have died without any such homage, leaving behind huge, gaping wounds of unbearable regret in the hearts of those who said they loved them: regret for not having loved them in life as they discover, so painfully, they do in death? Somehow we must learn to mourn our loved while they are yet alive, not waiting until they are gone and our grief does no one but ourselves any good. At least one kiss each day should be watered with tears… For now is the time to eulogize, now the time to deck with flowers. Today is the day to carry to its rest the whole weight of our love’s flesh upon our shoulders”



As always, after a tragedy there is an initial shock that compels us to change, but after a while that novelty wears off and it’s back to business. Please slap me if that happens.


Andria & Ryan – October 26th, 2007

Wow, has it been a year already? rad studio started with a prayer and was really set into motion with these two lovely people. Andria and Ryan were two great friends that we had the privilege of working with for a handful of summers at SFU. Last year these two approached us and asked if we could shoot their wedding and really initiated rad studio. It’s funny how they were the first to ask us, but were the last couple for us to shoot this year. Needless to say, we were waiting a whole year to shoot this wedding.

Spending any time with these two, you will soon realize how safe and at home you would be. Andria and Ryan are so friendly and welcoming. It’s very difficult to picture them to have a bad day. They have known and loved each for the longest time. Andria did a great job summarizing their relationship in her speech. They met while working at Dairy Queen, she was his boss then. A few years later, they both worked at SFU. Again, she was his boss – and now that their married… nevermind.

Once again, I have to note that couples that give the combination of 100% trust and allotting a couple hours for “magic” time, is a recipee for creating smokin’ hot images.


Danelle got a lot of funky ring shots







Here are some shots of the amazing couple






They had a vintage car that looked oh so rad







We seriously can’t wait to show you two the rest!! Be blessed and enjoy the ride!

</ral> (& xo|danelle)





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I know I know, why would we deprive you all of our work? Some consider it torture. However, well before we bring out the water dropping on the forehead machine, we’ll be back and running. We’re updating our site and we should be live again by tomorrow morning. In the meantime, look at all the goodies on the blog to get a sense of how much of an idiot I am 😛