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As a former 6th grade teachers, no two words sounded any sweeter! Maybe week-end (but that’s not really two words). I still feel the euphoria when I would hear the phone ring before 6am waiting in anticipation to know if I would have to make the trek over the bridge for work. =) Oh happy days!

Well as we started up work for today, we couldn’t help but notice some of the excess traffic. Check this out, this was outside our bedroom well after rush hour! That’s six lanes full of cars! And the farthest two lanes had buses going all the way from 16th to 49th. They were either stalled or slid off the road. Wowzers!

(The image is MIA)


This was the beautiful site outside our office that compelled us to go outside to take some shots. Just gorgeous! I love snow!


(The image ran away with the other one)


Danelle and I got the cameras and started shooting, but it ended abruptly.












As Danelle went farther out to get a wider shot, a bus came by and hit a huge puddle. She came up running towards me calling my name. She was so hysterical that I thought she was having so much fun in the snow that she wanted to make a huge snow man or a snow Totoro (inside joke). One side of her was absolutely drenched and the other was bone dry. She quickly ran inside to dry off, and needles to say, we didn’t go back out.





Enjoy the snow before it melts away, or looks like the ugly grey stuff the day after.



Photographers! Where you must go from Feb. 25-27, ’08


Trust us… we went and are still chewing on it to this very day (it was in October). There are only a couple of spots left so sign up today!

Will you learn key steps to growing a thriving business – absolutely, you will. And I have to say guys, personally, Ral and I have really been challenged (even now) to really assess our steps as we grow RAD Studio to what we hope it to be. I did say that “we felt empowered” but to do justice to what really took place, (because we all know that feelings are fleeting) Steve and Jen gave us the key components to take action and own our motivation. They provided ways for us to think and assess in a way that challenged us yet was so pivotal because we grew through finally mulling over what we had been avoiding. And ultimately, Ral and I want to explore the celebration of love with fresh eyes every day. We are crazy about each other and to experience the birth of a life long commitment is an honor. I don’t think I really pinpointed and appreciated that fully until the Bebbinar. This year, I believe you should set aside a budget for it as your attendance there is an investment and it will see you through to a thriving and very fulfilling business in the future.


Click here for our experience.

they’re a little sexy aren’t they.



DWF and Imaging USA 2008 in Tampa, Fl.

Talk about starting off the year with a bang! Danelle and I were asked to represent our favorite album company at the Digital Wedding Forum Convention in Tampa, Fl. We were reppin’ the most trendy, smokin hot, out of this world album company anyone has ever seen. The team from Finao are geniuses and they are just straight up fantastic. Danelle and I had a blast just meeting the team and hanging out with them.

Coming back from the trip I noticed that I took a lot of shots before the convention and a lot of after. I knew I was busy, but man – time seriously flew by. Unfortunately I didn’t take a shot of my extra luggage that did nothing but house my shoes and accessories – I never thought that this day would come – but now that it’s here – I’m smilin’. I wanted to share some images to summarize our trip:


Hark! who’s that pretty lady with her hair did!?






See you later YVR




Move over first pit stop, formally known as Las Vegas




Hello sweet sweet Tampa. Here are a few shots from our room before we went to sleep (30 mins after we arrived from the airport).






Here is a “Good Morning rad studio. Welcome to Tampa” shot just before we met with the Finao team in the morning



This is the ‘pre-craziness’ booth shot





Prior to the convention we got to go furniture shopping to pimp our the booth a little more. Here are some car shots. Gotta love them car shots!

















… and now literally, back to the show –


I took these before the booth got sardine packed with people. The craziness started when the doors opened, until they closed.






Isn’t it just so funky?! We had many people come up and tell us that we had the coolest booth at the convention – mission accomplished

















Are you lovin these albums!?









Here is my absolute Favorite! Komodo Dragon with an Aquadisiac accent












But, alas, all good things must come to an end at some point. Like a good meal that I cook – it takes a couple days to set up and a few hours to wrap up.








Here is the amazing team that we worked with and the people behind these amazing products

(from left to right)

Keith, Nicole, Lisa, Martin, Krystal, Christine, Danelle, Yours Truly, and Last, but certainly not least, Tony




It was difficult for us to leave Tampa because it felt like home for several days, we were treated like royalty and were considered as one of their own. Finao truly stands out from the crowd. Not only in the amazing products that they deliver, but in the relationships that they bridge.


On our way home we flew over the Grand Canyon – this shot doesn’t really do it justice





This is the last shot I took of the trip. As soon as I took it, the camera went away because it just summarized everything we went through in the last week.



“When the oceans rise and thunders roar

I will soar with you above the storm

… Be Still and Know…” – Hillsong




I love it when I don’t save.


I had a great blog set up summarizing our trip from Tampa and when I was just proof reading my stuff, the power went out. GREAT! Even better… when I started up the computer when the power went back on, the blog was gone. I now have to muster up the energy to re-do the blog.

However, it was a blessing in disguise. I noticed how we are so reliant on electricity and how distant we are from people as a result. It was just great not having anything distracting last night. Danelle and I put some logs in the fireplace, lit some candles and put the ds’ away. Try it one night – just turn off everything… EVERYTHING and you’ll notice a difference in how you interact

Tampa coming soon…



24 marathon!


Hey guys… I know, I know – now that we’re back, where are all the photos? Well in Tampa we didn’t get a lot of rest. We did have a lot of fun and soaked an uber amount of info and love. We needed to just unwind a bit before we headed back to work. We decided to watch 24 in real time (again). I do see the paradox of needing rest but not sleeping – but if you watch 24 you would have to agree with us!

Rest assured, we will be updating you on everything Tampa early next week. We will also be cooking up a few new surprises for rad studio. We are looking forward to working with all our couples and portrait clients this year – we’re taking everything to another level and want you guys to come for the ride.

Well back to the episodes. I can’t believe it’s dark already =)

Lots of love



Off To Tampa!

Hey All!

Ral and I are getting set to travel over to Tampa for a week so please don’t be discouraged if you don’t get an email or a call back. We have been given the awesome pleasure of being a part of the Finao team and representing their company. This is an album company that we work with and I really must say, they are amazing – truly gorgeous in every way. =) We got to meet Christine from Finao in the summer and got to know her better during the Bebbinar (she wrote a little something about us, very sweet). She’s an amazing woman, very sharp (always looks good and very positive) and has a huge heart. Ya, she’s cool. =)

So kids, we’re off and will be back home on the 9th. Be good!

Happy New Year, we love you guys!