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BRB on Thursday.

Hey Everyone!

Some of you are wondering where we are so we decided to blog that we’re at the Bebbinar at Bebb Studios in North Van. Everyone is eating it up and it’s just been amazing, truly, truly! We’ll get back to you all when we’re fully back which will be on Thursday. We’ve taken some shots but will post them for you who are fellow Bebbinar alumni and to those who are just curious. Our job today was to represent Finao (love, love, love ’em) and that was fun but we’ll blog more when we fully get back to work and we’ll make sure to add picture and more pictures.

Sign up now, if you don’t – you’ll really regret it. It just keeps getting better and better.

xo|danelle & ral


Please Process.

This is something that had been forwarded to our email by an aunt that we truly love and admire. This has truly made for a good morning. We are not ones who think much of FW: emails but we’ve gotten a couple good ones in the past couple of days (thank you, Karen) that I just couldn’t help but open this one. Its not a reminder, its not merely something to watch, its not something to listen to while multitasking… its a time for you to sit down, be quiet, reflect and take action.

If it doesn’t load – Please click HERE.



still here

The more things change, the more things stay the same. As you know, we had a major facelift. But, I assure you we are still the same!! I like how one of our lovely brides put it, we’re just refined. Danelle and I are still geeky, energetic, and quirky. If anything has really changed, it’s that we love life way more.

Just wanted to post something that has always been two of my greatest passions – video games and drums. The following videos are a combination of the two. I taught this guy everything he knows 😛

Enjoy Sunday!

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario 2



Inspiration Overload | Vanity Fair, March 2008


It is Vanity Fair‘s March 2008 edition that has been the icing on the cake for this week. My love for group images has grown to new heights. I love March as the 18th is our 2 Year Wedding Anniversary and the 20th is my 25th Birthday… whoa, 25. Cool… But this as a gift for March’s celebrations would be enough. I am fascinated and truly inspired. Go get it, it’s V.F.’s Hollywood Issue: 14 Years of Annie Leibovitz Covers. Brilliant!

***I forgot to give you the link to the actual slide show, click HERE



Happy Heart Day

I know you have all heard this before – but love on the one you love today. I can’t tell you how much I have said that Valentines day shouldn’t be one day – it should be .. all .. year.. round. However, being human, February 15th looks no different from the 13th. So let’s face it, Valentines day IS a good reminder. BUT having said that – lets be the best suave cats everyday we can =)

So for today, order in or eat out, laugh out loud, say it sweet, and steam it up. From our hearts to yours – Happy Valentines day!


RAD Studio – 2.0 + 2.5

Hey everyone!

It’s funny how when we say we’re making changes everyone starts to flock to our site and blog and our stats jump by 500%… Hahahah! Good times, … they were, weren’t they? (I’m trying to make more of a statement so can I use a period?) Anyway, our other logo is not gone my friends, it’s still alive and well but will be taking shape in some other way… and in time you’ll see her again. We decided to go with our new logo because we wanted the attention to really go to our images. I think Louis Vuitton’s ads really have been pulling at me in that they are so vibrant that you just have to take time and study them and when you look down you’re like, ‘yep, Louis Vuitton’ – the logo is simple but the image is extravagant, and lately they’ve been just awesome (my favorite one is where all of the models are laying down and look like Barbies – this month’s Vogue, inside front cover & first page). We’re still going to stick with our vibrant colors, our lively textures and our crazy light so don’t worry… we’re still RAD.

Enjoy some wallpaper!

ad.jpg aj-walk.jpg

aj.jpg hr.jpg

hwalk.jpg tb.jpg

wiiring.jpg lexusrings.jpg

awd.jpg treelights.jpg

Thanks for the emails guys! The support and love are deeply appreciated.



Candy’s Bridal Session

Candy and Leo are the best. We kicked off our 2008 wedding year with a very well enjoyed bridal session with Candy who will be getting married to Leo in July. They’re both terrific individuals… but you put them together and you just know you’ll have a good time. There is absolutely no doubt that their future looks bright as they know that family is first. There’s so much to say about them, really, but let’s just say we feel really honored to be working with them. =) They remind us why we love what we do and why love is so sweet. You’ll notice that we are only going to be posting 3 images from now on because we want our couples to enjoy the very best images in private so here are a few of our favorites from our session. 






Can’t wait for your main shoot guys!!!! It’s always our pleasure being in your company.



*the logo has changed… Christmas got us thinking so you’ll notice quite a few changes within the next few weeks…