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it’s (still) alive!

With the emergence of shows like “So You Think You Can Dance?” and “America’s Best Dance Crew”, a resurgence of urban dance culture has come into the limelight. Breakdancing has been an art form that has not been (in my opinion) as respected as other dance styles. More generally speaking, hip hop is really an acquired taste. Granted, the vibe, culture, ghetto fab, and lifestyle – isn’t really something to dream about (again in my opinion), but the art that is created on the dance floor is just straight up HOT.

My boy RJ is competing with his crew on America’s best dance crew. I remember when we bboy’d back in the day, just doing the worm. Now here he is inventing moves that are used around the world, and revolutionizing bboying itself. I spoke with him recently and we both agreed that doing what you love is what it’s all about.

I affirmed him to continue to bathe in his dream because we only live once. I feel very blessed to have met him, as he is another symbol to me that represents that one can change the world. It’s all about preparation meeting opportunity. It’s not about the cards that you dealt with in life – but the way you play them =)

Below is a video of the last episode of America’s Best Dance Crew – VOTE VOTE VOTE Super Cr3w

**If you have a better resolution video – please send me the link **

Breakdancing isn’t dead. Check out this crew and you’ll know what I mean

Have a Merry Weekend



Cheryl and Andrew are a couple of our closest friends who just got back from France. I was delighted to receive a very thoughtful and delicious gift from a store in Paris, Laduree. I just wanted to blog these yummy macaroons before I ate ’em. Mmmmm…





Gen & Kev

There is so much to say about these two but such little space. We left their shoot feeling the fuzzies. Seriously, these two both got it goin’ on! I mean really, we’ve been extremely fortunate to concentrate on couples that have “that” connection. What is “that”? Simply put, it is mutual love and respect that is more done than just merely said. And within that corny stuff is a long friendship between them both! They’ve known each other for quite some time and getting to spend time with them both has really shown us that relationships like Gen and Kevin’s are relationships to aspire to.  What I’ve learned from spending time with them is to not take each other too seriously and to consistently put value on that other person. 

But I can talk heaps about them both but I’ll say a few things about them as individuals. Gen is someone who is approachable and open. She has this nurturing way about her that always assures you that you’re in good company. She is one reason why I am excited to have a family. =) Kevin is stellar! He is quick to make us laugh, veeeeery talented and can tell the best stories! Besides Ral (I believe Ral is pretty groovy), Kevin is a guy to look to on how to treat a gal. Trust me, he’s a guy’s guy but you should have seen him during our shoot. He’s pretty crazy about Gen! =D

As always, here’s a tiny peak:


Gen’s engagement ring was made by Mr. Kevin Hume himself. If you get a chance to see it for yourself, you’ll get sucked in. It’s beautiful.


Gen and Kevin, you two have become friends! We’re excited for your wedding and can’t wait to meet everyone that you’ve told stories about. Continue to bring on the awesomeness and with that – we still have a pulled pork date! Oh and Gen, don’t worry, we’ll find Obama soon…