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Lan & Jay

Wow, what can I say about these two? I literally don’t know where to begin. Jay has been one of my main men for the longest time. Having known him for years, I have never seen him happier than when he was with Lan. To me they are the epitome of jigsaw pieces that complete each other.

Jay is one of the funniest cats I know. He is down for whatever, and he is there for you whenever. I haven’t had the chance to really get to know Lan individually, but from the times we have hung out – she is one that anyone can get along with. She is kind, caring, thoughtful, and very funny. Jay is very lucky to have her.

We had the privilege to capture their relationship behind the camera. It was sooo much fun to shoot with these guys. Again, when couples trust us with our art we are able to kick the crap out of these sessions! Here is a sneak peak of the their shoot.


Love you guys lots.




Nikki & Jack!

One of the awesome privileges of being in this industry is meeting fantastic people from all around the world. A friend we met from the original Bebbinar was back in Vancouver for a bit. Nikki is from Scotland and her husband was in town for a conference, so we were glad to take Nikki and her son, Jack, for the afternoon.

The last time we saw Nikki was at a photography conference in Tampa. We weren’t so lucky to have the weather from Florida, but we knew hanging out with them would be better than Nikki’s last trip to Vancouver – where they saw the Canucks get raped 8-1.

Here are some shots of the day:






Danelle couldn’t help herself, she just had to take more shots of the little guy:








Did we mention that Jack made us want to raise our kids with foreign accents? And NO, not Filipino accents!

Nikki we had SOOO much fun with you guys! Thanks for the marble slab. We can’t wait to spend some time with you guys again!



rad studio around the world? – a note on destination weddings

Hello all! With weddings in full swing and portrait sessions hitting the beach we have had a handful of inquiries for destination weddings as well! In an attempt to reduce the number of emails that contain exactly the same answers to questions being asked, we thought it efficient to blog our destination wedding FAQ (Frequently ANSWERED Questions).

– Yes, we are available for destination weddings

– Yes, we have done destination weddings

– Yes, it costs more to commission us for destination weddings as opposed to local weddings

– No, a wedding in Brazil will cost more than a wedding in Toronto

– No, it is NOT a vacation. The workload is three times more work

– Yes, we would love to give you a quote for your wedding. We would love to have you over at the studio to show you what we offer.

– It’s more expensive because in the time we are traveling, we could possibly shooting a wedding, thus loosing possible commissions.

– Yes, it is much less expensive if you tag team. What I mean is, if you have a bridal network in your country or city, you would be able to get together with brides getting married around the same time, and split the costs of the travel commission.

– Yes, our Canadian destination weddings are taking us to Edmonton and Calgary the week of June 17th to the 24th and August 28-30th.

– Yes, our US destination wedding will be in San Fransisco during the week of May 25th to the 30th.

We hope this helps!!



Lyndsey & TJ | August 9, 2008

They’re married!!! Yeah!!! Another fabulous wedding done by 2 very energetic people with a load of charisma! Love was in the details at this wedding. Things like buttons with the names of their guests on them, Jones Soda with one of their images from their session with us and a scrumtrillescent candy bar that brought out the child in absolutely everyone! They truly celebrated with uniqueness and style. 

Lyndsey and TJ had quite an entertaining and intimate Hindu ceremony with the support of their lovely family and great friends. There were so many intricate patterns and details with such symbolism that it was really interesting and fun to shoot and observe. There was never a dull moment!

The reception had crazy good Indian food! The speeches were personal, enlightening and funny… the whole night was so well thought out – we felt like guests, it had to be one of the most entertaining weddings we’ve ever shot! Too much fun *) and lots of love =).

Their personalized Jones:


Here’s a tiny peak at the lovely couple:



This gorgeous henna detail was taken after TJ changed into his dapper suit and Lyndsey changed into a beautifully simple gown from frocks:


Lyndsey and TJ, congratulations on a beautiful wedding day and a vibrant future. Going through your images makes us smile. There is a look that you give each other that just makes us all warm inside. =D We’re so happy for you guys!!! You’re such an awesome couple!



Candy & Leo | July 26th, 2008

Beautiful! Quite the day for a gorgeous wedding celebrated by two brilliant individuals becoming one… it was a blast! As we’ve said before, Candy and Leo have been such great support to us as we’ve worked with them and their wedding day was our time to really give the love back and shoot this wedding to perfection!

These two are all about family and so it really was no surprise to see such unity in each of their families. It was always great to observe both families interact and come together, celebrating with Candy and Leo. As much as these two had expressed admiration and love for their awesome parents, we definitely saw that reciprocated throughout the day. The way that Candy’s father would proudly watch her as she went about her day, the way Leo’s mother would bring him in for joyous hugs as she would smile with peace and trust… I was just amazed and crazy for theses moments. =D

We feel honored and very proud to have captured Leo and Candy on their wedding day. They are a great example of strong family values and integrity.

And of course with that, we also must highlight how much these two worked it for us. Candy’s gorgeous Jasmine Couture dress is from Blush in West Van.


During our times with them, they spoke about having children and really wanting to build a family so I thought this shot was a cute tribute to that.

Candy and Leo, you have a taught us a lot about family as we’ve gotten to know you both. Your wedding day inspired us greatly and from our observations during your wedding day, we know that you will build your own amazing family culture that will make others wish they had that. You are both genuine and well rounded people and we really can’t wait to see what else you can make into gold.

Our biggest admiration –