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Public Service Announcement by Dwigt Shrute

After hanging out with the fabulous Genevieve and Kevin, I was inspired (not compelled through fear (well, maybe a little bit)), to post this very important public service announcement. Gen and I share the same paralyzing fear of sharks. However, she brought up many points of why bears should be a force to be reckoned with. Since us Vancouverites are more likely going to be mauled by a bear as opposed to being digested by a shark, I thought it wise for me to post this very important safety information by a bear expert.

Happy Camping All,



Connie & James | October 18, 2008

From the get go, this wedding was SOOO darn chill. Now, chill encompasses many things. Boring and lethargic are not among them. From the start of the morning to the end of the night, it was literally a celebration, – but it was seriously a crazy party! We could not help but notice the details, but also be so entranced with what was going on around us because we feel that Connie and James resemble our personalities the most out of everyone that we have shot! From saying, ‘Oh Snap’ when the song “Poison” comes on, to already owning what Lucas had in the movie “the Wizard” – we knew first had that these two knew how to throw a party!

My day started off with the guys leisurely taking their time. No rush or sense of urgency. The tone was set by James, who was more than calm, he was just so ready for the day. They started off with Xbox 360, they got ready, we went out to shoot them in his backyard for, what passerbyers would call, ‘GQ cover shots’, then back inside for a couple more shots, scratch and wins, and another round of NHL ’09 before they headed off to the church – with plenty of time to spare might I add.

As the ball got rolling, you couldn’t have seen happier parents observe their two children tying the knot. As James anxiously waited for his bride to walk down the aisle, so did everyone else. She rocked a sweet dress, very stylish! It was made by the very same person that made Danelle’s bridesmaid dresses. 

Time and time again, we always say to everyone we meet, “nothing beats a very personalized reception”. We love it to death! Now, you don’t have to change up the buffet, or the ‘traditional’ events, inside the reception – just add your personalities to it! From the bridal party shmoozing on in, to the “come on down”- price is right – entrance to the bride and groom, the tone was set! We even took table shots that lasted no more than 30 mins, and there was quite a few tables! Talk about efficiency, my teacher heart is smiling! Their slideshow was not just a bunch of pictures fading in an out, it was pieced together with a mockumentary performed by their family and friends. LOVED IT! The speeches ended off with the MC saying, “that was a pretty damn good speech” ALL of them were crazily amazing! You know it was a good speech when it is topped off with the father of the bride re-proposing to his spouse. Ya, it was ‘pretty damn good’.

The icing wasn’t the fact that the dance floor was so literally packed from the start to when we left, that people were dancing on the carpet! But the icing was the first dance. They mixed it with hip hop and traditional folk. It was amazing! and at one point Tinikling sticks came out! Ya! That’s right! Tinikling sticks – that’s the foot death dance!

These are a few shots from their day:






It was an amazing day for an amazing couple. And one thing is for sure, although the events were larger than life, it didn’t take away any attention from the bride and groom. They were both so into each other a new born puppy would be jealous. Their love is so genuine and was affirmed through their family and friends throughout the day, and they are not only fun, but fabulous together. Connie and James, we pray all the best for your new found adventure together!



Cecilia and John | September 27, 2008

Cecilia and John enjoyed a gorgeous September day. I began the day with her as she got ready and there really was no sign of rush or alarm, she just had a smile on her face with a glow and calm about her. What a way to start the day! We could just tell that they both were just beaming with excitement. I talked to Ral about how John was doing while he and the guys were getting ready and all Ral could say was that John was so anxious and waited in eager expectation to get married – he really couldn’t contain it! But getting to know Cecilia, I can see why. She is beautiful and bright.  




Since I’ve known John, he has always been into basketball and always had the latest Jordans. Cee had her own cute pair while John and the guys had their own cool pair.  So, I wasn’t surprised to see that at least one pair of Jordans made an appearance.  And with that, I just had to take ring shots with that shiny box!



The whole day was memorable. Watching them celebrate with family and friends was such a great entrance to a happy married life. Hearing words that were long overdue, experiencing hugs that said enough within itself and tears that expressed the deepest love and appreciation were a few touching moments that showed themselves to be powerful throughout the day. 

And how awesome is it to bask in the celebration of love?! They have this deep sense of understanding and respect that has fleshed itself out to being a relationship that stands out. Spending time with them during their session, watching them during their wedding day and seeing them last Saturday at my sister’s wedding made me smile as I walked away from my conversation with Cecilia. She glowed. That’s all I can say. 






JB and Cee, welcome to married life. A lot of people have different things to say about it but perhaps its better to observe what is done, not so much what is said. Love is an action. It can show itself at the most intense of times and yet in the most quietest as well. Bask in it and be committed to share it. I will never forget our conversation at that reception table Cee. You and John love each other and it has truly been awesome to observe that and celebrate with you.

We’re always here for you guys!



And I am amused.

Stellar. Incredible. I am pleased.

Vanity Fair has been my visual and literary lullaby to sweet dreams for quite a long time now. Indulgent taste, intriguing literary items, and imagery that exceeds the bounds of artistic excellence are what I conclude of this extraordinary publication (and yet I still feel like I cannot properly articulate my respect and high regard)…

I just had to express my delight as I have added Vanity Fair: The Portraits: A Century of Iconic Images to my arsenal of admiration and inspiration. It is a purchase that will continue to show itself to be a valuable investment.

I recommend it.