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December Shout Out’s – Next Week!

Stay tuned everybody because the shout outs are making their comeback next Monday! 

We’ve received a couple emails asking what these shout outs are, and now I want to take the time just to let everyone know our purpose for giving these shout outs!

In church recently we have been going through the subject of Honour. We’ve been compelled to give credit where it’s due. We are very thankful for not only where we are in life, but also how far we have come. We would like to take every weekday of December to give honour to a significant person, place, or thing (Noun hehe) through a shout out. These P.P.T.s have been a huge part of our life (and/or business ventures that have improved our life) in the past year. We know that we can only have 20 days of shout outs so it obviously can’t contain everything we are thankful for – but we still wanted to have a great start!

See you all in 7 days!



Add another one on the list!

This list of a list of “People Who Get Things Done”. Over the weekend, Danelle and I were a little bit perplexed that this person wasn’t added to the list before! It was unanimous that he should be now on it!

Prior to revealing the new inductee, we want to introduce to you the other two persons that are on the “People Who Get Things Done” list:


Batman – (not Bruce Wayne… Batman)


Jack Bauer – (oh ya! Jack Bauer)


*ps don’t spoil it for us, our 24 marathon is coming soon and we’re just starting season 5


RAD Studio is proud to announce a new member of People Who Get Things Done!!


*DJ Jazzy Jeff – Drums please…………




James Bond – Enjoy!