December 15th | Danelle’s Favorite Things


Mmmalright… don’t judge me. I know how this looks, just know I’m  not a huge advocate of vanity. Please hear me out. =)

I just wanted to show you guys the tree I decorated in my mind and celebrate it – not worship it (for some reason I have a sit down talk with Ral playing in my mind). =) I do, I like nice things but instead of talking like a valley girl about my favorite things, today we’ll be focusing on the lasting impression a few of these have made on me.

1. Chanel : Black and White look their finest in Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld designs for Chanel and his mind consistently fashions a brand that continues to be iconic, imaginative and bold. It can make the softest heart look like a powerhouse… a chic one at that. Just classic, I am completely captivated.

2. Hermes : When I think of ‘orange’ I think of Hermes. Fanciful designs, brilliant color, and textural caresses are what I make of this beautiful brand. Parisians think of the nicest things to make you look and feel amazing. I am completely chipper.

3. Prada : This brand continues to evolve in to different words of ‘awesome’. Its so experiential and experimental. Take their shoes for instance, I’ve tried on a pair that look like a piece of modern art and they were actually comfortable. They paired exponential innovation with basic function. Prada excels at pushing boundaries and bringing imagination to life. I am completely motivated.

4. Tiffany & Co. : Oh Tiffany… I require much self-control. This is a store I love but hate to window shop at (actually Ral may hate it more because he signs for it). There has never been another store that has brought me so much gleeful bliss. Sure the price tag is hefty but I just can’t wait to hand down my pieces to my little girl (child pending, haha). I consider every purchase an investment as the integrity of each product is unquestionably – The Best. I enjoy excellence and there is no other store I’d rather decorate myself with – and you gotta love the lovely Tiffany blue box. This brand is completely committed to the finest experience and the perfect product and thus, Tiffany’s unequivocal longevity remains… I am humbled.

5. Vanity Fair : What a fantastic publication. I wrote about how much I am fascinated and smitten HERE .  If you haven’t already purchased the VF Portraits compilation – you must. Yum! I am completely euphoric.        

6. Vogue : It is hot. Next to my latest VF is a stack of my favorite Vogue mags. I’d have to say that Ral and my favorite one is British Vogue’s April 2008 issue with Victoria Beckham. She looks dreamy and I’m not really much of a fan. But the magazine as a whole is not just for the trend savvy but really has a piece for everyone. There are some great topics of interest but for me, I just loooove the couture spreads. I love seeing the mind of  the designer with all the meat and potatoes. Its so bad-ass. I am completely inspired.

7. W : This magazine towers over all the rest (in size, I mean). It is consistently rocks my socks off… and I like being rocked! Sweet and simple, W has been an inspiration and staple in our home. The magazine exudes with passion for vibrance in life and fresh musings in art. I am completely wired.

I just wanted to take time to appreciate my interests. 

I have descended from my soapbox.



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