December 16th | Dogs



Man’s best friend? What do you think? If you have never had a dog – you probably won’t understand. For those of you who have/had one – you know exactly what I mean. I personally am not a cat person. I seriously can’t stand them – the snobby ones at least. They are always too cool for school. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE animals. But just like the cool kids on the playground – if they don’t want to play with you, then why would I need to force myself to like them?

This is the one thing I absolutely ADORE about dogs: No matter how long you have been away for – the second you come up to the door to get into the house, your dog is absolutely ecstatic that you are home. It’s like an airport scene every single time you get home. No matter how long your day was – your dog will always look forward to your return.

Before we got married, Danelle had a family dog, his name was Rokko. I call him Rock Man for short. If you could imagine 2 frosted vertical glass windows on both sides of the door, with 2 inch diamond shape (clear glass) along the middle, spread across from top to bottom (8 in total) – you have the funniest looking scene to come home to. When I would drop Danelle off after a day of hanging out, Rokko would literally sit in front of that frosted glass, waiting for her to come home. However, it is all frosted except for the small diamond shape area which has clear glass. It was so small that you can only put one eye up to the glass to see out. Sure enough, when you come home, Rokko would be peeping out of that clear area, like an over protective dad eavesdropping on the door after a late night date.

Rokko now has a Yorkie friend to play with all day. Marlie’s the name of the terror. If anyone has seen or met a Yorkie – then you’ll know that their super doggie power is to absorb and soak in all the energy in the room – and transform it into pure movement. Marlie .. Does… Not… Stop… Moving. It truly is exhausting. <– you think I’m ready to have kids yet 😛

There you have it folks… Dogs… You gotta love ’em


To all you dogs out there… keep on bringing the fun!




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