Hello all you lovely people!!! We are excited to announce the launch of our new blog! It is BIGGER! BETTER! and more BEAUTIFUL! The new blog is rolling around in the first week of January! Just in time to break into the new year with a bang!

Now here is where you can benefit! Every month, RAD Studio is going to be hosting promotions available to anyone!! They will range from different prizes, products, and gift certificates.

Our first Promotion will be given away on JANUARY 8TH, 2009 @ exactly 6:00pm

We have gift certificates for a session with RAD Studio ($300 value) and an additional $200 for products. We want to give out 5 sets of these babies! We are giving away 5 – that’s right FIVE $500 gift certificates for RAD Studio Services in 2009!!!! Talk about starting the year off with a bang!! Tell your friends, neighbors, families, long lost estranged family pets – tell the world! We are so excited to give these gems away, and are even more excited to be working with people that love what we do! That is – shoot people (figuratively and literally) 😛

To spoil a friend or pamper yourself with these gift certificates for maternity, family, toddler, pet, wedding, grad or couple shoots – this is what you need to do:

1. Before January 8th – Think of a dream you want to accomplish for 2009

These are NOT resolutions. Although resolutions are great, they usually fizzle out by February, leaving them nothing less than a good idea put into action for January. I want some dreams. REAL Bonifide Dreams that you want to happen during 2009. Whether they be big or small, I want them to make you feel ridiculous that you are even writing them down.

2. Have a reason for the Dream you put down.

3. On January 8th at exactly 6:00pm send an email to info@radstudiophoto.com – subject – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The email must contain at least one dream for 2009 and a reason for each dream you provide. That’s it!

Winners will be decided by emails meeting the criteria as stated in step 3, and first come first serve at exactly 6pm. Emails received at 5:59.59 will not be accepted.

Although we can only accept one winner per household, this promotion is open for all! That’s right! Past, current, future, and non-clients of RAD Studio are way more than welcome to join the fun!!! Tell them all!

If you have any questions at all, please do let us know!

If you have known Danelle and I for a while now, you would know that we are big dreamers. We are huge advocates of reaching out in faith to receive the promise set out before you. But you have to shift your mind to believe! I want to leave you guys with this video. We have played it on the blog before, but it still hasn’t lost it’s power. What legacy are we leaving behind in 2008? What do we want to bring into 2009?

Dream Big, Aim High, Move forward!

Blessings and Peace,



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