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Check out the new blog and tell us what you think!!

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Hello all you lovely people!!! We are excited to announce the launch of our new blog! It is BIGGER! BETTER! and more BEAUTIFUL! The new blog is rolling around in the first week of January! Just in time to break into the new year with a bang!

Now here is where you can benefit! Every month, RAD Studio is going to be hosting promotions available to anyone!! They will range from different prizes, products, and gift certificates.

Our first Promotion will be given away on JANUARY 8TH, 2009 @ exactly 6:00pm

We have gift certificates for a session with RAD Studio ($300 value) and an additional $200 for products. We want to give out 5 sets of these babies! We are giving away 5 – that’s right FIVE $500 gift certificates for RAD Studio Services in 2009!!!! Talk about starting the year off with a bang!! Tell your friends, neighbors, families, long lost estranged family pets – tell the world! We are so excited to give these gems away, and are even more excited to be working with people that love what we do! That is – shoot people (figuratively and literally) 😛

To spoil a friend or pamper yourself with these gift certificates for maternity, family, toddler, pet, wedding, grad or couple shoots – this is what you need to do:

1. Before January 8th – Think of a dream you want to accomplish for 2009

These are NOT resolutions. Although resolutions are great, they usually fizzle out by February, leaving them nothing less than a good idea put into action for January. I want some dreams. REAL Bonifide Dreams that you want to happen during 2009. Whether they be big or small, I want them to make you feel ridiculous that you are even writing them down.

2. Have a reason for the Dream you put down.

3. On January 8th at exactly 6:00pm send an email to – subject – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The email must contain at least one dream for 2009 and a reason for each dream you provide. That’s it!

Winners will be decided by emails meeting the criteria as stated in step 3, and first come first serve at exactly 6pm. Emails received at 5:59.59 will not be accepted.

Although we can only accept one winner per household, this promotion is open for all! That’s right! Past, current, future, and non-clients of RAD Studio are way more than welcome to join the fun!!! Tell them all!

If you have any questions at all, please do let us know!

If you have known Danelle and I for a while now, you would know that we are big dreamers. We are huge advocates of reaching out in faith to receive the promise set out before you. But you have to shift your mind to believe! I want to leave you guys with this video. We have played it on the blog before, but it still hasn’t lost it’s power. What legacy are we leaving behind in 2008? What do we want to bring into 2009?

Dream Big, Aim High, Move forward!

Blessings and Peace,




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you all are doing well and enjoying this snow!! I’ll tell you that we did!

I really can’t apologize that we weren’t able to finish off our December shout outs – because honestly, we were playing in the snow (or getting stuck in it). For the past week, Danelle and I have been dependent on people driving us. There were actually times when the weather got so bad that we had to spend the night at our in-laws. ergo, no wacom tablet – therefore – no shout outs. 

We had a very pleasant Christmas! I love white Christmas’ We made a snow man with the base of 4 1/2 feet in diameter, pushed vans and cars out of ice and sludge, and Danelle made a snow narwhal (inspired by the movie ELF). So ya, we had a fun Christmas!




* Our site and email is back to 100% (yay!)

* New blog coming soon! Stay tune for release date!

* We have a new blog promotion! We are giving out 5 free prizes for the first five people to email with specific information (details coming soon!)

* Did I say that the new blog is going to kick some major butt!?


December 18th | Jen and Steve Bebb


(this image is a drawn copy of a shot done by Boutwell Studio (hot photographers in California)

This couple is probably two of the most passionate, devoted, ambitious, and loving people we have had the pleasure of knowing. Jen and Steve Bebb are fantastic people in and out. Not only are they fantastic photographers, but they are phenomenal parents! Their world renown title of best wedding photographers on the planet can take a back seat while they would much rather enjoy watching their kids playing lacrosse!

In exactly three months from today, Danelle and I are celebrating our 3rd year anniversary. This is significant to use because, not only are Jen and Steve amazing wedding photographers – They are OUR amazing wedding photographers! 

We were blessed that they were available to shoot our wedding, and now we are proud to call them our friends. We both have seen first hand that they continually want to give back – but still save more than enough in the tank to love on their kids when the work day is over.

Did I mention that these to are amazing? Check out their new project that will continue to rock the industry and blaze some trails! Using current technology that is now amalgamated for still photographers – Their Fusion is Now project is continuing on in their desire to propel, educate, and set a high standard for photographers (not only in Vancouver, but) around the globe. Check out their project here: Fusion is Now

Jen and Steve, thanks for the kick in the butt to get us going. Your encouragement, advice, and confidence in us can’t be explained in words. We thank you profusely for your investments in us… just thinking about that gets us kinda emotional at times…

Jen and Steve… You’re uncanny!


December 17th | Christmas Parties


I will be the first to admit. I am a total sucker for Christmas. I love everything about it! Think about it… there is literally no other time that can mimic anything that we experience during Christmas. Family makes a huge effort to fly home to Vancouver (okay, Vancouver is nice, but not that nice to fly down anytime), I find that people are generally more festive, and the cold weather causes us to snuggle up in front of the fire!

Ah Christmas time. For me, I can literally put a log in the fire when the sun goes down, make some old fashion hot chocolate, curl up on the couch, and listen to Charlie Brown’s Christmas CD (on repeat and random), until I want to go to bed. I find it totally soothing, serene and even nostalgic. I was blessed to have fantastic Christmas’ growing up as a kid, and I don’t want to stop that tradition with my little ones (some day). 

One thing special for us year after year is the reason why we celebrate Christmas. I’m not beating around the bush for this one and there is no need for me to be politically correct (because it’s true!). Danelle and I celebrate because our Saviour was born during this season. I’m not saying it’s wrong to not celebrate it that way – we just love focusing on that instead of the busyness of finding that perfect present, being inundated with groceries for get togethers, or finding a good present under $15 for gift exchanges. It’s like celebrating a birthday party when the celebrant is not there to attend 😛 Christmas is soooo awesome!!!!

This year Danelle and I have opened up our home for our first Christmas Party with friends! Check out our theme: Ugly Christmas Sweaters! It is going to be classic. I am going to try and find my dad’s old Christmas sweater (the one he used to rock in the 70’s). It was an XL light green wool turtle neck. It shed as if it were an animal during the summer. It had a montage of skiiers and a dogsled going past an igloo at the bottom, and repeated on the back. Classic! 

We’re going to be putting on some classic tunes and even go right to a “it’s an N’sync Christmas!” Of course there’s going to be some fabulous food and great company. But I am looking forward to watching some classic moments in Christmas history when everyone is here. Such as: How the grinch stole Christmas, Elf (with Will Farrell), and Saved by the Bell Christmas!! Ah!!! 

Shoot us an email  or leave a comment – what other things can we do for this party? Also, any other amazing Christmas movie moments you can think of?

Christmas Parties… Rock On!


PS. Wanted to leave you with this video… ah Christmas!


December 16th | Dogs



Man’s best friend? What do you think? If you have never had a dog – you probably won’t understand. For those of you who have/had one – you know exactly what I mean. I personally am not a cat person. I seriously can’t stand them – the snobby ones at least. They are always too cool for school. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE animals. But just like the cool kids on the playground – if they don’t want to play with you, then why would I need to force myself to like them?

This is the one thing I absolutely ADORE about dogs: No matter how long you have been away for – the second you come up to the door to get into the house, your dog is absolutely ecstatic that you are home. It’s like an airport scene every single time you get home. No matter how long your day was – your dog will always look forward to your return.

Before we got married, Danelle had a family dog, his name was Rokko. I call him Rock Man for short. If you could imagine 2 frosted vertical glass windows on both sides of the door, with 2 inch diamond shape (clear glass) along the middle, spread across from top to bottom (8 in total) – you have the funniest looking scene to come home to. When I would drop Danelle off after a day of hanging out, Rokko would literally sit in front of that frosted glass, waiting for her to come home. However, it is all frosted except for the small diamond shape area which has clear glass. It was so small that you can only put one eye up to the glass to see out. Sure enough, when you come home, Rokko would be peeping out of that clear area, like an over protective dad eavesdropping on the door after a late night date.

Rokko now has a Yorkie friend to play with all day. Marlie’s the name of the terror. If anyone has seen or met a Yorkie – then you’ll know that their super doggie power is to absorb and soak in all the energy in the room – and transform it into pure movement. Marlie .. Does… Not… Stop… Moving. It truly is exhausting. <– you think I’m ready to have kids yet 😛

There you have it folks… Dogs… You gotta love ’em


To all you dogs out there… keep on bringing the fun!




New Blog Coming Soon!

Hey all! We have some great news to share!!!! We are rolling into a new blog starting next year!!! w00t!! It’s gonna look slick! 

It is very consistent with our site and can’t wait to unleash it!

Which brings me to another fun note =) As we unveil the new and improved RAD Life Blog – we are having a grand opening promotion available for anyone!! Stay tuned for the fun details!