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December 18th | Jen and Steve Bebb


(this image is a drawn copy of a shot done by Boutwell Studio (hot photographers in California)

This couple is probably two of the most passionate, devoted, ambitious, and loving people we have had the pleasure of knowing. Jen and Steve Bebb are fantastic people in and out. Not only are they fantastic photographers, but they are phenomenal parents! Their world renown title of best wedding photographers on the planet can take a back seat while they would much rather enjoy watching their kids playing lacrosse!

In exactly three months from today, Danelle and I are celebrating our 3rd year anniversary. This is significant to use because, not only are Jen and Steve amazing wedding photographers – They are OUR amazing wedding photographers! 

We were blessed that they were available to shoot our wedding, and now we are proud to call them our friends. We both have seen first hand that they continually want to give back – but still save more than enough in the tank to love on their kids when the work day is over.

Did I mention that these to are amazing? Check out their new project that will continue to rock the industry and blaze some trails! Using current technology that is now amalgamated for still photographers – Their Fusion is Now project is continuing on in their desire to propel, educate, and set a high standard for photographers (not only in Vancouver, but) around the globe. Check out their project here: Fusion is Now

Jen and Steve, thanks for the kick in the butt to get us going. Your encouragement, advice, and confidence in us can’t be explained in words. We thank you profusely for your investments in us… just thinking about that gets us kinda emotional at times…

Jen and Steve… You’re uncanny!


New Blog Coming Soon!

Hey all! We have some great news to share!!!! We are rolling into a new blog starting next year!!! w00t!! It’s gonna look slick! 

It is very consistent with our site and can’t wait to unleash it!

Which brings me to another fun note =) As we unveil the new and improved RAD Life Blog – we are having a grand opening promotion available for anyone!! Stay tuned for the fun details!